SUA (Chinese interpretation: To deliver safely) is an engineering consulting company founded in Shanghai in 2020 by a Spanish aeronautical engineer rooted in China since 2016. We are specialized in plastic injection molds, die casting and stamping tools with 10 years of accumulated managerial experience with European/American clients of the automotive and electronic industries. From RFQ to logistics, from design to buy off, we shorten the distance between your business and China.

Our stronghold is facilitating clients' development in China by providing on site management, customized consultancy and quality control for every project. Ensuring natural communications between Western companies and Chinese manufacturers is our key for success.


To be the bridge between our clients and our partners with accurate communication and efficient trouble-shooting, becoming an asset in the supply chain. To assist the landing of our clients in China and facilitate a smooth development of their projects.


To enable win-win situations for every overseas company willing to do business in China, increasing the value of their projects and ensuring the highest quality standards.

Corporate values

Honesty - Reliability - Efficiency - Agility

Our values are focused on the relationship with pur clients, partners, institutions and environment. We believe that transparent communication, mutual respect and problem-solving orientation is the way to success. In 2022, we obtained the "Trusted Company Award" by the Chinese Credit Investigation Institute, which summarizes all the good deeds of our work.


Luis Garcia, born in Sevilla, Spain in 1985, and raised in Logroño, La Rioja, is the founder and principal engineer of SUA, an engineering consulting company rooted in China focusing mainly on the automotive and appliances industries.

After getting his master in Aeronautical engineering in the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he worked in an European software company improving the efficiency of factory layouts and production lines. In 2016 he moved to China and began collaborating hand to hand with Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies for their projects in Asia.

At the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020, he established SUA in the city of Shanghai to meet the demand of close follow up and timely communications for European clients. The scope of the company soon expanded to provide different engineering services such as quality control and process audits, increasing the number of collaborators and reaching companies from Asia and America.

Since then, SUA has won its clients’ trust by providing accurate solutions to their problems and thus ensuring a long-term collaboration with them. This has allowed the expertise of the company to grow to cutting-edge fields like new energy vehicles, railway and electronics, where agility and fast responses are the key to success. Nowadays SUA is fully integrated in the supply chain of clients in different sectors, from tool components to electric cars, being the responsible of quality control and trouble-shooting. Meanwhile, Luis will always devote all his energy to helping clients to land engineering business in China, earning a wider prestige in the industry.