4-year Anniversary
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A company with experience in various engineering fields, knowledge of the Chinese market and its negotiation procedures, good communication skills and agility to face any kind of situation in the present rapid-changing environment, all supported on honesty, trust and efficiency. That was our proposal in 2020 when we created SUA. As we embark on our fifth year of operations in 2024, we are confident that we have chosen the right path.


In the last year, we have diligently striven to maintain a steady growing tendency for the company. The number of clients trusting us has increased over 30%, allowing to position ourselves in industries like railway and electronics while continuously improving in the electric vehicle sector. Moreover, our customers have signed long term contracts with SUA, guaranteeing unwavering support, collaboration and access to the vast array of opportunities present in China through our reliable on-site partnership. To strengthen the support to our clients, we have also increased the number of specialized partners and suppliers, as well as the locations where our services are provided, expanding the scope of SUA.


To enhance the relationship of SUA with its environment, I have represented the company in several fairs and exhibitions in China to keep aware of the latest trends and future developments in the industry. A pivotal moment occurred when I delivered both online and offline speeches at the Spanish pavilion during the CIIE, marking our first direct interaction with the general public at a significant event. Our official website and social media keep attracting a growing audience, who follow the news about the company we publish on a regular basis. At the same time, with training as a cornerstone of the strategy the company, I recently finished an Executive MBA in EAE Business School which provided me a global vision of the business and upgraded my managerial skills.


The recent expansion has occurred in accordance with a thoroughly planned strategy for the company, which has been endorsed by industry experts and outlines SUA's road map for the next five years. This growth is aligned with our vision and will be executed while adhering to our core principles of transparency, efficiency, and agility. Our primary objectives are to expand our client base, provide superior and more customized services and participate in larger-scale projects across diverse industries.


To all the stakeholders of SUA in Asia, Europe and America, we thank you for your confidence in us and we will provide value and efficient work in return for your trust.